Project Settings

  • Remember to set up an image in the “general” section of your project. This will be the default icon for every newly created dispatch and thus we suggest for it to be the logotype of your firm best adapted to the 300x300 resolution
  • Here you can also decide whether you want to display subscription bell with, or without the notification history as well as what it’s color is.

                                                                    general settings

Additional Functions

  • Bell
  1. In the general settings of our project we have the possibility to activate the bell, which is a small icon that will appear in the left, or right bottom corner of our site
  2. This bell is nothing else than a shortcut which lets users monitor the state of their subscription and even allows them to subscriber or unsubscribe
  3. We recommend this setting be turned on, since it gives users a feeling of more control
  • Notification History
  1. This is really an expansion of the bell functionality, it additionally allows the possibility to look through all the notifications that said subscriber has received from us
  2. These notifications retain their functionality, meaning that they link to set URL addresses. Furthermore if any notification is unread by the user, it will be specially marked in order to get more attention