First Steps

  • Logging in
  1. Setting up an account is very easy, all we need is your email, phone number and name of the company
  2. An individual person can also set up an account!
  3. After your first log in, you will be taken to the project settings

  • Integration
  1. For pages that use the http solution, you just need to set up a subdomain, from which notifications will be sent: for ex. myshop( Make sure that your subdomain name has no dots in it!
  2. After setting up a subdomain you can copy the code that is available in the “integration code” tab and paste it to the HEAD section in the html of your page, or in Google Tag Manager
  3. You can even check whether integration went smoothly with a special button


                                                                                                                                http option


  1. If you need deeper integration and your page supports it, you may use the solution for https pages
  2. Apart from the code, available in the “integration code” tab which has to be copied to the HEAD section of your site, you have to download two files and copy them to the main catalog of your server
  3. This solution provides a faster subscription time for users and only your address is visible on sent notifications


                                                                                                                                https option